Project 3:27 - Donate Life

Kidney walk 2014

Project 3:27 - donate life (april 2015)

Holiday gift drive (2010)

Sunday, November 9, 2014 the members of On and On joined with the National Kidney Foundation to donate to their dedication to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease. Participants walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in honor of loved ones affected by kidney disease.

A portion of proceeds from our
Celebrate Life T-Shirt collection was donated to the foundation on behalf of our team "I Am Grace".

For its second year the Love Forever Movement sponsored its Holiday Gift Drive where items were collected and distributed to families throughout NYC, in which over 700 families were served.

  • Saturday, December 10 - Briarwood Family Residence (Queens, NY)
  • Sunday, December 18 - Springfield Gardens Family Inn (Queens, NY)
  • Tuesday, December 20 - Saratoga Family Inn (Queens, NY)
  • Thursday, December 22 - Wayside MacDonough Residence (Brooklyn, NY)

*An abundance of gifts allowed additional donations to be given to Little Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Brooklyn, NY) on Friday, December 23

For the first year, On and On Enterprises partnered with The Citadel of Hope - Love's Hope House transitional housing services of Brooklyn, NY to honor the fathers in the program for Father's Day. On and On volunteers treated the men to dinner and gift giveaways; motivational speaking by Ernest Sampson and uplifting music by Jonathan Sayles.

Father's Day celebration dinner (2010)

Gifts of love (2013)

As a community - physically, socially and spiritually - our body’s health is declining because the organs that help us function are defective. We have become inundated with distractions that alter our focus of balance, growth and prosperity. However, being aware of our purpose fosters us to take action to maintain our well-being. It is vital that we revive our immunity as a community to help prevent factors that cause degeneration within our body.

We will be actively participating in initiatives that will cause us to do something to make a difference and help save lives. Visit
Project 3:27 - Donate Life for more information and initiative updates.

April is National Organ Donation Awareness Month in America. Operated through the Love Forever Movement outreach program and partnered with Benaiah Ministries, On and On established PROJECT 3:27 - DONATE LIFE; a month long community initiative to bring awareness to organ donation, community health issues and to actively donate resources, time and knowledge to make a difference and help save lives. 

Each week the initiative focused on a particular organ in which supporters participated in a ‘Call to Action’ that demonstrated the power of donating life to others. 

  • ​Week 1: HEART DONATION: MATTERS OF THE HEART - 'Call to Action' to share the gifts of warmth and love by donating a blanket and attaching a prayer or an encouraging message to be distributed to those in need.
  • ​Week 2: KIDNEY DONATION: F.L.O.W. (Fervently Lending Ourselves to Work) - 'Call to Action' to help someone relieve stress on their kidneys by donating a case of water to help keep their bodies flowing and to prevent serious health issues.
  • ​Week 3: LUNG DONATION: SPEAK LIFE, BE LIFE - ‘Call to Action’ to share the gift of positive words.
    • ​​*The Youth Department of Benaiah Ministries volunteered at a Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, NY where they danced, sang and read poetry. The residents also shared their testimonies.
  • Week 4: EYE DONATION: EYE WITNESS - 'Call to Action' to share testimonies with others and encourage them to live prosperously and abundantly.

The initiative ended with a culminating Celebrate Life event to show appreciation for the gift of life.

Kidney Walk (November 2017)

Ongoing Initiatives

Actively donating the entire month with a focus on an organ/factor each week, we partnered with Live On NY to continue the Project 3:27 - Donate Life initiative. Participants were admonished to do something to make a difference and help save lives. The culminating call to action was to donate care packages to facilities of transplant recipients to help uplift and encourage their recovery. 

The initiative ended with its Celebrate Life concert event.

Past Initiatives

Holiday gift drive (2011)

On Sunday, November 12, 2017, we joined more than 5,500 teams from across the country and walked united across the Brooklyn Bridge to fight against kidney disease.

We know that it is because of the grace of God we are blessed to extend our support to the National Kidney Foundation and all those affected by kidney disease. It is our endeavor to continue to advocate for the awareness and prevention of kidney disease. Team I Am Grace donated $100 to the foundation to support their efforts. 

Project 3:27 - Donate life (April 2014)

For the months of March and April Love Forever contributed gift items to several facilities throughout NYC. All donations were purposed for the recreational use of the facilities and to continue to uplift and encourage the families being served.

Contributions included:

  • Monetary donations
  • DVD players
  • DVD movies
  • Snacks and beverages

On and On Enterprises, through its outreach program the Love Forever Movement, sponsored its first Holiday Gift Drive where individuals contributed items such as clothing, toiletries and other essential items to families in need. Upon the delivery of the gifts, volunteers joined together with the families to sing carols. The purpose of this endeavor was to sow expressions of life and love into families' lives. 

Donations were collected from November 1 to December 5. Gifts were delivered to the Wayside MacDonough Residence (Brooklyn, NY) on December 22 and to the Briarwood Family Residence (Queens, NY) on December 25. Over 100 gifts were collected and distributed.