Imperfectly Confident

Oftentimes we are overwhelmed with thoughts of doubt and trapped by insecurities. We become tied up in fear, of failure and/or even success, and are caused to be immobile. Unable to move past what was (because of guilt, shame or disappointment) we become stagnant toward things to come because of the uncertainty of what its presence may unfold. We're just there; functioning in a cage of anxiety. We are just in existence; compromised to live.

Reinforcements of an impossible standard of perfection is demanded and expected of us from almost every area of our lives. Family, friends, media, ads, “reality” shows, music videos all feed us with messages that have altered our perception of what we are to achieve and who we are to be. Our pasts are subject to scrutiny and because of it we are barely given the opportunity to be redeemed. We are constrained to live free of opinion and have become afraid to embark upon self endeavors.

Pressing On and On

Though we encounter difficulty, and for a moment may feel consumed, we are assured endurance if we choose to submit ourselves to the wisdom and understanding gained from our experiences. We are promised to not be overtaken by adversity; rather we are guaranteed hope, strength and security. The invitation to receive of these blessings have been extended by God Himself, but it is up to us to accept.

We must desire freedom from the entrapment of the happenings of yesterday and loosen its grip because we can't go back to relive the day. We must walk in peace today because now is the only promise of time we have to fulfill our purpose. We must have a living hope for tomorrow that the wisdom, knowledge and experience gained will greet us and the application thereof will merit us prosperity.

Everyday we're graced to see the rising of a new dawn is another opportunity to rise to the promise of prosperity and victory. We are victorious over yesterday, opinions, and even ourselves because we have made it to today! We're only defeated when we haven't learned from its lessons and insist to hold on to its despair. But through and by the mercies that meet us each day we are given a chance to embrace betterment and become greater.

We can't be inundated with worries so much so that our dedication of service goes to the consumption of perplexities rather than to the God of peace who promises to be the source of all we need. We must affirm that "I'm perfectly ok being imperfect", own that confidence (despite what we've done or what others may have said to discredit our current desire and stance to achieve success) and live triumphantly!


January 2019

So, don't throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded!  Be encouraged to persevere so that when you have done all to stand, you will receive what God has promised.

Be encouraged to live!

Debra & Christina

Additional Reading: Proverbs 3

Regardless of influence's origin (external or internal) it's important to maintain a balance of expectations and reality and to embrace our uniqueness - flaws and all!

It's ok to feel...{insert emotions here}. It's ok to question...{insert reservations here}. It's even ok to consider others when considering yourself...{insert opinions here}. But it's not ok to allow yesterday's mishaps, today's discomforts or tomorrow's unpredictabilities to dictate the goings on of our lives! Remember that you only have one life to live and one God to serve. No one, or thing, can take away from the greatness that is within you; neither can your purpose be devalued by an assumption or experience. Have confidence in yourself to live your best life the way you were created and destined to!