On and On hosted its first Holiday Pop Up Shop in an intimate setting in Queens, NY. Special featured products consisted of decorative arrangements, gift baskets, apparel, jewelry, natural care products and local foods. 

Vendors included 
On and On Enterprises (apparel and trending gifts), Cori Rene (natural and beauty supplies), Brenda Luke (jewelry and accessories and Mama Dee's Kitchen (local food).

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Partnered with Benaiah Ministries, On and On facilitated a Celebrate Life event to show appreciation for the gift of life. April is "Organ Donation Awareness Month" in America and for the entire month participants of the Project 3:27 - Donate Life initiative donated their time, resources and knowledge to help increase the awareness of organ donation.

The culminating Celebrate Life event was purposed to minister hope to the community by encouraging healthy, well balanced prosperous living. 

Participants included:

For its 2nd year, On and On, along with Benaiah Ministries, hosted its Celebrate Life event. Whether we've been blessed to receive or donate, we have the power within us to be an inspiration to others.

The month long Project 3:27 - Donate Life initiative ended with its Celebrate Life event, purposed to show appreciation for the gift of life and all of our blessings.

Participants included:

G.I.F.T. Growing in Faith, favor and Fellowship Together (December 5, 2009)

Back by popular demand, On and On held a Backyard Pampering Soiree dedicated to encourage and support leisure amongst women. Oftentimes women are so inundated with the "cares of life" that we rarely have time to cater to our own needs and/or wants. But it is important to include pampering "me time" into our regularly scheduled lives. Whether getting a massage, eating or shopping, we need to make time to indulge in our favorite things to maintain balance. 

This girls day out event was co-hosted by internationally published Blogger and YouTuber Tiffany aka itsmeladyg, whose charm, poise and expertise added tremendously to the day. She spoke graciously on the essential need to take care of ourselves in all aspects (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and even gave tips on how to do it affordably. You can check out all of her features at 

On and On's very own licensed Massage Therapist, Debra Ingram (
AIM Massage Therapy) relaxed guests with soothing chair and foot massages. Shopping vendors included signature jewelry by Jewlicious, natural hair and body products by Cori Rene, natural fragrances by Mrs. A Fresh Scents and wellness and inspirational products by On and On Enterprises

We were favored with delicious cuisine catered by
Mama Dee's Kitchen. Courses included appetizers, dinner, dessert and specialty mocktail drinks. 

Gift bag sponsors included
Naje's Naturals and Simply Radiant.

Special guests included Stephen "Prestige" Luke & Tyrei "Khaos" Foster, co-founders of 
Nu Omega Chi fraternity, who provided the musical entertainment and celebrity photographer Bernard "Beanz" Smalls of PhotosByBeanz.

Holiday Pop Up Shop (December 19, 2015)

Benaiah Ministries, along with the members of On and On presented an epic night of music and fun as teams performed to their favorite Gospel songs. A variety of prizes were awarded to the participants, including first, second and third cash prizes.


The event was hosted by Gospel Recording Artist Doug "Blessed" Sheppard. Judges included Music Producer Teddie "FX" Rollins, Radio Host Freda Parker and Gospel Rapper Dre Rumble. Special performances by Dre Rumble and Spoken Word Artist D'yani Ward.

Today's world can be fast paced and highly demanding, especially for women. With all of life's pressures we tend to forget to make time for ourselves; causing physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion. 

Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist, Debra Ingram, introduced her therapeutic services, Abide In Me Therapeutic Massage Services, by sponsoring a Ladies Night Out Massage Party to encourage women to leave their stress behind and "AIM" forward to fulfill their purposes as they abide in the hands of trusted therapists, and God. 

Held at the On and On Plaza in New York, this premiere special event afforded all who attended the opportunity to unwind, relax and be refreshed.

reflections: Women's entrepreneurial Fellowship luncheon (March 27, 2010)

Upcoming Events

Gospel Lip Sync Battle (May 6, 2017)

Purposed to encourage individuals to walk in faith and live in God's favor as we all continue to grow together in fellowship. The goal of this event was to create a comfortable environment; allowing people to relax and enjoy the expressions of gifted ministries. The program was free of charge. However, a free will offering was held in which proceeds were donated to a family in need for the Holiday season.

Featured guests included:

  • Jalisa "Hero" Bottoms (Spoken Word Artist)
  • Chanese (Songstress)
  • Jonathan Sayles (Minister of Music)
  • Charlyn Willis (Modern Dancer)
  • Christina Michelle Sayles (Poet, Songstress)
  • Ambassadors for Christ (Outreach Dance Ministry)

On and On hosted its second Holiday Pop Up Shop in Brooklyn, NY where attendees enjoyed a day of fellowship and shopping amongst an array of industries.

The event was co-hosted by lifestyle blogger 
Tiffany aka itsmeladyg and featured products and services from On and On Enterprises (apparel and trending gifts), Cori Rene (natural and beauty supplies), Mrs. A Fresh Scents (fragrances and home decor), Mary Coleman (lifestyle and home supplies), Brenda Luke (jewelry and accessories), Catherine McCray (life-coach), Just Ankara (apparel), Mama Dee's Kitchen (local food) and AIM Massage Therapy (chair massages).

Backyard Pampering Soiree (September 19, 2015)

Whether spoken, written, thought or acted out, words have the power to affect change, positively or negatively. As minstrels of truth, it should be our ultimate goal, nevertheless, to edify the receiver by planting seeds of life through our words. 

April is National Poetry Month and On and On Enterprises sponsored an even called "woRd...more than just an expression"; purposed to share expressions and exemplify the power of WORD through music, dance and poetry. 

Poets / Speakers included:

  • Paris
  • Lavar Wood
  • Patricia Ward
  • Christina Michelle Sayles
  • Mary E. Perry (Poetry read by Debra Ingram)
  • Elder Jacqueline Warren - Benaiah Ministries, Brooklyn NY (Speaker)

Ladies night out massage party (September 17, 2011)

Project 3:27 - Celebrate Life (April 26, 2014)

Word: More than an expression (March 27, 2010)

Project 3:27 - Celebrate Life (April 25, 2015)

Holiday Pop Up Shop (December 3, 2016)

In past years, women have been limited to traditional business roles such as home and child care. However, as time progressed, women began to thrive in fields where very few had ever gone before; from construction and engineering to computer and web design. Many women are now doing more than just holding down their on in these male-dominated industries; they are becoming entrepreneurs, generating millions of dollars in revenues and employing hundreds of people. 

March has been declared Women's History Month in the United States, which highlights the contributions of women. 

In view of the foregoing, On and On Enterprises, a women owned business operated by mother and daughter team Debra Ingram and Christina Michelle Sayles, hosted its first Women's Entrepreneurial Fellowship Luncheon, purposed to reflect on the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs and help support the growth of women owned businesses today.

Past Events