Christina Michelle Sayles

Debra Ingram

Being a proud mother, Debra always showcased her daughter’s gifts, talents and accomplishments to her immediate family and friends. The positive reactions received sparked an interest in Debra to have Christina’s writings read and songs heard by many. She envisioned the words and expressions of Christina displayed on items such as plaques, ornaments, wall art, mugs, stationary, bookmarks, apparel and more. The possibilities were endless!

However, Christina didn’t share the vision of her mother at first. As a young child, she felt that her creativity was a form of self expression. They weren’t meant to be shared. Until one day, at the age of 12, she was approached by her mother’s colleague to write a poem on behalf of her sons as a Mother’s Day present to her. Christina didn’t understand why someone would want her to convey a message so personal on behalf of another. Her mother explained to her that she has a special and unique gift that is not only a way to “escape” personally, but that her words, voice and wisdom are an encouragement to others as well. It was important to Debra for Christina to embrace this truth, to have confidence in herself and to believe that who she is and what she has is needed in this world.

Though On and On was birthed from a mother’s excitement and belief in her child’s abilities and her desire to share her proud moments with others, as time progressed, the impact of On and On’s vision also grew. Witnessing greatness unfold in her daughter’s life inspired Debra to tap in to unexplored desires of her own. With over 30 years in the corporate world, she wondered what her “next” would look like post retirement. She’d always been told that she was good with her hands so she decided to venture back to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Debra combined her experiences, passion for massage therapy, hospitality and the well-being of others to offer support in their life's journey. 

Realizing that inspiration transcends displayed words of encouragement, Debra and Christina embraced the vision of enterprise by establishing multi-faceted components to address the multi-facets of our lives. We all have many roles and commitments to tend to at various times and in several ways. Therefore, it is vital that in every aspect we aim for a balanced lifestyle of wellness.

Regardless of our personal walk in life, we all need that special someone who genuinely believes in the gift that we are and who will encourage, motivate and uplift us to fulfill our God given purposes. Just as we are inspired by each other to live our best lives, by faith we are persuaded to be instruments of inspiration for you!​​

Vision - To inspire individuals to live liberated, purpose driven lives so that they in turn can effectively encourage others to live the same; ultimately stimulating positive change to go on and on

Mission - To be instruments and stimulants of inspiration by planting seeds of positivity through the creation of inspirational expressions; all in which will help to make aware and increase the knowledge that the balance of a person's body, soul and spirit is crucial to their growth and wellness and in the lives of others

About Us


The Gift Shop
An array of exquisite, quality and affordable gifts for personal, professional and corporate gift giving. Each gift includes an inspirational message that fosters the giver the opportunity to share the gift of encouragement.

Pressing On and On Newsletter
A publication made available to all who desire to be inspired; consisting of company news and updates, testimonials, articles of awareness and other inspirational segments of the like.

Special Events
On an On seeks to impact lives by imparting inspiration, skills and information that will empower individuals to fulfill their extraordinary purposes. Every event provides an atmosphere of encouragement that motivates individuals to apply life changing principles that will inspire growth and change in their lives.

Love Forever Movement Outreach

An outreach program that aspires to support the betterment of a person’s inner self. Whether in the form of volunteering or extending kind acts of encouragement, this outreach program seeks to help restore and uplift individuals by sowing inspirational expressions of life and love into their lives.

Abide In Me Therapeutic Massage Services
Purposed to rejuvenate, comfort, restore and relieve stress and tension to the mind, body and spirit of individuals who desire to feel and be relaxed.

A bond upheld with support, sustained by prayer and preserved with love! We've grown together and learned how to truly live by the inspiration received from the other! From then til now...our relationship has remained positive!

We believe in each other! We believe in you!