10 Years Strong

On and On celebrates 10 years of growth, strength and inspiration! Reflect on our journey with us!

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Embracing a lifestyle of wellness and maintaining a sound balance of your body, soul and spirit is a sure way to experience productivity and prosperity. However, it cannot be accomplished alone. We are here  to encourage the promise of greatness that's within you!

On and On offers an array of exquisite, quality and affordable products for personal, professional and corporate gift giving.  Purposed to make a positive long-lasting impression, these specialty gifts are sure to be a blessing to give as well as receive!

Everyday we're graced to see the rising of a new dawn is another opportunity to rise to the promise of victory. We're victorious over yesterday because we made it to today. The mercies that meet us each day are our chance to embrace betterment!

New Website Launch

On and On’s affiliate company Abide In Me Therapeutic Massage Services has launched its website! Be sure to make an appointment today!

Challenged to Overcome

After experiencing great losses, Christina opens up about her challenges to overcome disparity and how her once lack of confidence propelled her to embrace victory.